Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
  • Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil



    - Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

    - Hemp Seed Oil


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    Dosing Information


    Your Pet

    Dosing your pet will vary for all pets. But there are some basic guidelines when starting out that we have outlined below as far asdosages go. We suggest that you keep a daily journal of the dosing you give your pet. Start with the low dosage suggestion and if needed you can up the dosage. We also suggest you ask your Vet if this product is right for your pet.


    Start with low dosages twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. See how the product is working with your pet and increase dosage if necessary.

    Basic Rule

    0.25mg to 0.5mg of CBD per every 1 pound of bodyweight.

    Certificate of Analysis

    Certificates of Analysis (COA) for our tinctures are viewable in the download link below. If you would like a COA of any of our products emailed to you please send us a message and we will email one to you.




    “Sometimes I’m going so fast I accidentally trip on a log or run into a tree, then I can’t go fast anymore.  So my mom puts some Inspired Paws Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil on my food and we can go run around the woods again, no problem!”

    4 year old

    "I have been taking the Inspired Paws Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil tincture now that the thunderstorms are starting again here in the midwest and I have noticed it has allowed me to curl up and fall asleep faster as well!”

    8 year old
    German Shorthair Pointer

    "I had been on so many prescriptions from the vet for my collapsed trachea and nothing helped.  Then we cam across the Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil tincture from Inspired Paws and thought we’d give it a try.  It was a miracle!  I am not not coughing all day long anymore and my appetite has come back."

    14 year old

    “This past spring my nail broke when I was running on rocks.  My owner sometimes forgets to trim my nails and they don't wear down because we are always walking on snow.  It hurt so bad!  I didn’t even let my owner look at it.  She game me some Inspired Paws Organic Full Spectrum Hemp oil and the throbbing pain of the exposed nerve went away."

    5 year old
    English Golden Retriever